Digital Marketing Team for Successful Business

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In Modern Day Business, It is a Must to have a Digital Marketing Team for your Business whether its Big, Small or Medium.

Below are 5 people you should look when building your digital marketing team.

1 Marketing Strategist

Marketing Strategist is the Person who is Responsible Seeing your Digital Marketing. He or She needs understands both your Company and your Buyer Personas Extremely Well.

Digital Strategist will work with Rest of your Digital Marketing Team to Create a Content Calendar and keep your Company’s Digital Marketing Efforts on Track.

2 Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager will be Responsible for Putting your Company’s Social Media Marketing Plan into action.

He or She will Engage Customers and other Stakeholders on Social Networking Sites, Staying Informed about Trends and Shifts in Social Media Demographics. Social Media Manager Communicates your Voice to Outside world

3 Content Creator

Content Creation is Top Priority for Most Businesses These Days. Having a Skilled Content Creator on your Digital Marketing Team will Allow you to Create more Content.

Content Creator will work Closely with Both your Marketing Strategist and Social Media Manager to Create Content for your Company. Creates anything from Blog Posts to YouTube Videos. Ideally, Create Content for your website and Landing pages.

4 Data Analyst

A Person who Manages your Company’s Analytics Data.

Data Analyst is responsible for Goals of your Marketing Efforts and how to Measure Results of your Social Media, Blogs, Website and Video Content compared to Target Metrics. With Data Analyst’s help, your Digital Marketing Team will be able to Focus its Efforts on Creating Content that Connects with Customers, and Avoid Wasting Time and Money on Things that aren’t Effective.

5 Technical Specialist

Technical Specialist. This Digital Marketing Team Member will be Technical Implementer of your Marketing Strategies.

Most Tools used in Digital Marketing these days require some Level of Coding.

Technical Specialist will Work to Create Templates and help Build your Campaigns. He or She must Engaged in the Realm of Emerging Technologies and keep Informed about Changing Trends in Digital Media.

6 Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer. Last but not the Least This Digital Marketing Team Member will provides Graphics & Design to that Match your Marketing Strategies.

Graphics Attracts Customers in Digital Marketing Process as Content is King & Design & Graphics is Queen on Web from the Early Days of Web

A) What if you don’t have Budget for Hiring Digital Team & want to Focus on Your Core Business?

Outsource It to Digital Marketing Agency who has a Dream Team of Digital Marketing and Focus on Core Activities.

B) Is it OK to hire one Person for Digital Marketing?

I think at least you need Digital Marketing Strategist, Content Writing, Technical Specialist & Graphics Designer. The Roles Social Media Manager & Data Analyst can be shared with Other Members who have Some Hands on Experience.

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